Monday, October 8, 2012

La Douleur Exquise Or Pardon My French

" I decided to stop pitying myself. Other than my eye, two things aren't paralyzed,
my imagination and my memory."

Felt Pen 

Take away the distractions and what am I?
Just a frightened little reference to something you can relate to.
When you get to brass tacks you find the log in your eye
and they’ve taken the spring from your step
at every ledge, place to lean to check the sheen of
Pushed in push pins in your sole &
walking on the heels of every
nice, decent, semi interesting, semi attractive girl who talks to me
or doesn’t.
And then I sit down and wait a year because then I can add
to the bad collection
of needles in my arch
I will see my own idiocy when someone’s coming after me
or at least it seems, whatever my vanity leads me to believe.
And on the days of the week I think
“I don’t want to be so weak, I want to be confident and honest
And sweep them on my feet.”
A stunning girl
I can’t have 
steps into
my home
and I shut up like a clam.
What do I say, with a glass of orange juice in hand?
I wish I could say interesting things.
And the universe, she likes to teach me things
And with each thing I think I’m an ass
Which I am.
Oh, what I am.

La Douleur Exquise, what a wonderful phrase.
Suspicion made certain would let the wide awake lie.
Your shoulder in my hand, with a man,
Could I have done something were the head with the man?
Return, I’ll clean up.
Until then
To sprint around with mason fisted jars
after every pixie & dame
who piques my gaze.
Perks of being a solitary coward
allow me to stare from a distance.
Your dress is so inviting.
Cut off my hands,
You can take them in a box.
to hold every now and then
I’d be luckier than most men. 


I tell you this,
my sometimes friends,
do not trust words written in pen.
Do not believe the sights you see
Or the things you hear from listening
Do not trust your art
And do not trust your friends
Your loved ones
And acquaintances
Do not trust anyone you can or cannot see
And most important,
Do not trust things said by me.
And even more important,
Do not trust yourself, never ever trust yourself.
For the saying goes, keep your friends close and your enemies closer
And who is closer to you than thee? 


We never made it to this day,
On it I felt awkward.
Obliged to meet you at your locker door
5 months till the day I worry.
I waited with baited breath
As all my school chums go steady
And I pin myself to that indulgent title of “Lonely”
“Little Miss Depression”.
To be pitied, how lovely.
I wanted to be wanted
& left alone.


What a concert of a woman.
Commuters I’ve seen
a dozen on the street
But she’s
A patched burlap green girl
I want to understand what she does
Why she taps her foot to her songs
Is it the same reason I tap mine?
I want to strong arm to the front
For a meet-and-greet
Be impolite to get the best seat,
See front seated be up front
With her & know.
I like when my friends don’t understand
Flailing, time signatures
Through hair whose name I have yet to have.

You seem nice
And I hope that’s not the case.
I hope you’re diabolical
And over mint chocolate chip
I can tell you my brave new world.
This used to be a discolored ballad
Let me show you waterworks for colours.
Let’s worry about nothing
and whisper sweet somethings
What is your name?


Dressed to the toe
So people look
Let them look
Can’t tell if they’re impressed
Hope it turns you on.

All who wonder will lust
This wonder,
Of impending pressure
On a house of discontent
And the dress on your habeas corpus
Let the lost eyes wander until they're caught.
To not be charged till the touch.
Seconds are not choice
But one man’s treasure
Is another man with similar tastes venture.
Captial T, Treason
Any thing less wouldn’t be quite grammatical

Don’t mind my stuttering
It means you've tied my tongue
with the idea of yours. 

My, my, my, my.
It has been quite a long time since I've given you lovelies anything to read.
Well here's 5 relatively new poems.

It's been so long, I have so much to show & tell
Movies, art, poems, music etc. etc. but that's for another night, I am quite sleepy.

We've got a lot of catching up to do



  1. "All who wonder will lust"

    ...fucking brilliant.

    1. Well shucks, you're making me blush and I'm just a cluster of text.

      Thank you!