Saturday, January 26, 2013

10cc Of Profundity

A few things tonight:
I have gone through and changed all my poems from Lucida Handwriting font to Times New Roman.
Whoopee. I'm sure you all care. The reason I did this was to create a more professional looking blog* and so that my poetry is easier to read.

The poetry and music page should be up to date now, I haven't kept up on that for a while and I do apologize.

*The word "blog" itself is the most unprofessional word in the English language.

Also, as I was going through old posts I found this:

I tell you this, because I know to be true
When you hang your life by a single thread
you're bound to fall through.
And when you'll look for those you'd hope would catch you.
It seems they rarely do.

Little diddy I wrote back when I was a bit more cynical, however I still find it to be pretty truthful and relevant to how I'm feeling and somethings I've been dealing with and talking to friend about.

To end this evening we will have some good music from Little Comets and 21 Pilots.

(There are annotations in both videos to link you to all the songs in each artists prospective album.

They're both some of my new favorite artists.)

Godspeed & Goodnight,

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