Saturday, January 12, 2013

Poems As Shitty And Unforgiving As Your Dorm Shower


I don't think you know what it is.

I think you know what sex is,
what movies,
paper-back grocery store novellas
have told you.

I've been trying to avoid
t y p i n g it because it's
just what a poet would say.

I guess that's it.


I don't know if this is a first because honestly I don't keep track of things that well but I'm pretty sure this is the first "poem" I've ever written straight on the blog without having it on a piece of paper or other doc. So that's exciting I guess. You guys also deserve a song because it's been a while and this is a really crappy return poem.

I'm working* on a collection of essays kind of like the few I've posted on here.
It's working title is called "Tattoos, Monopoly & Other Things I Can't Commit To."
So that might happen.
Also I'm considering on switching all my poems to just regular Times New Roman or something to make them easier to read and more legitimate professional poems on a completely legitimate and Thoughts?

Here's some St. Vincent too.

*Thinking of working

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