Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Antiquated Biofeedback

The In-Laws

Want to watch the world fall
and think of ways to build it up,
know all the ways to cry?
What will you think when others die?
Hell fire & Skeletons.
Be my Helter Skelter.

Is there a line between eroticism & artistry?
Will you make both me?
Understand my hypocrisy
when I say this world needs to change
then stay home to watch TV.
Know I have a dozen tattoos
no intention of getting a single one.

Don’t watch while I air guitar
This world is my own,
know I can’t let you into all of it.

Can you follow that
I’d love nothing more
than a mattress on a loft floor.
but that hope carries a past.

“Awesome” is a phrase
from my Jesus-lovin’ days
and I’m not sure where they went
I had a family back then.
And to keep them happy
I’ll still go on Sundays.

I want to save this world
and I know so little beyond.
I don’t know what’s wrong
and I want superpowers.
And I’m telling you all this
because I know you don’t exist.

An Analyst

Chapter One:
Miller, Mamet or Hammett
never found themselves on the chaise
Cummings & Eliot
Sylvia and Levy had their own way
but never needed to talk about Daddy
(No, yuck. I don’t even know that for sure.
plus there’s too many allusions. It’s like
on Prozac.)

and I feel as though
if Franz should be the one they’re alluding
then with hard liquor &brooding
That’s the way to do it.
New Yorke tunes  & pathetic scrawl
I’ll publicize the worst, almost all
except I must stay (husshhhh )
cause that’s oh so (husshhhh)
Stalling till I kick it cause
post-mortem is where it’s at, man.


He hadn't counted sheep for weeks
Until he heard your name
Two syllables bounced ear to ear
As he desperately tried to wrangle
Ewes turned black with fear
Over a section of wood fence
And they fell as his head tilted.
A hypothetical made possible for him,

He understood what he had done
And what he was doing as he looked through
Texts to exes
He only has one ex.
Less sex, more drunk sunken thoughts of flirtation
At occasions with women & boys where the main attraction
Isn't a fraction of how hard he’s pressing his back against the wall.
Leaving smashed and paranoid for home so he won’t face the
potentiality of  understanding that acquaintances like
Dirty Dancing 2.
And friends can amend but they won’t tell him of their future
Because now he understands what he’s done.
It’s a slippery slope and he’s got his ski’s on.
Because he wants to get his fling on
A kiss with a girl he’ll never miss at the home of
A friend with a girl he adored a love requited then withdrawn
Breathing in smog from a bong in a toy house of a little sister
To forget two syllables
And start thinking about sisters and leftovers
Spit shining sloppy seconds to swap spit for seconds
At a showing of “Friends With Benefits” without any.
Taking the TP with him to the dining room seat.

In the basement there’s a VHS of “Titanic”
Playing and they watched the whole thing with no interruption
But I’ve never seen “Chocolat” the whole way through
And I don’t intend to. 


My, my, my it has been a while hasn't it? This is actually good for us though, we needed some space didn't we? To be honest I wish I had posted sooner and to be even more honest these poems aren't all that new. I was flipping through the Word Doc. where I keep all my poems and I found these three little gems and was surprised that I hadn't posted them. To be honest I think the needed to breathe a little, to age a bit. I hated "An Analyst", I thought it was too pretentious & forced when I wrote it but now it's pretentious and forced but I like it. 

I also have some good news!
The site PressBoardPress ( , which publishes short stories and poetry, has selected a couple of my poems that I submitted and are going to be publishing them tomorrow/today (Wednesday, March 6th) at Noon! So now, I am almost officially a published poet somewhat. Next step is to ACTUALLY be published on good 'ol fashioned paper and be sold to middle aged house wives in grocery stores in paperback with hyper-realistic sexy covers.

Anyways I will be posting the publishing tomorrow when it is out and letting you all know again. 
This is also the reason I am posting three hot from the oven poems for you all because I wanted to have some new and interesting material for newcomers (Hello to all you fresh young bluejays!) who see the PressBoard posting and come to check the site out.

Well that's all I have for you tonight and as always

Godnight & Godspeed,
C.B. Franz 

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