Thursday, January 17, 2013

Skittish Invasion


Again I shall call myself out.
Let it be on record & shitty reference:

Discretion be damned.
I can hold my drink,
that’s what I’m here to show.


(like that
“habeas corpus” line.
which loses depth
when you truly know .)

you drew a tiny robot.
I drew one, worse

Handed a sharpie,
left my mark on your coffee table.

And yours are clearly better
Mine born hushed on a syllabus out of boredom
& transparent flirtation.

You’ll be defended in a diner
the next morning.
by a friend who wouldn’t be
if he found the page titled Her.
falling from my notebook.

This is my nocturnal admission
Before the fire station is a street sign
with your name that
precedes a second with a
misspelled music school
where another name I’d like to
have you etch out on my shoulder attends.

A phone full of
Unfinished Bettys
in this less than
Norman Rockwell life. 


Girls & boys we have a very special guest today.
Maddy Weiss is not only a good friend but a kick-ass poet and she's actually like been published online unlike someone who just posts his awful poems on a blog. I digress, honestly her poems are really awesome. If you like my writing you should check out the link below and if you don't like my writing stop coming here but still consider reading her poetry below. 

Here's one of her poems that was/ is on Press Board Press:

Your body can be divided into small planes that are flat on the small of your back and they curve where your shoulders are. I will divide your body into small planes to measure surface area and to measure the complexities of why you love me in a spider web or across the white board of a sorry math professor that is forced to measure how much you love me based on surface area. I love your geometry and the noise of your sigh. You love to press down on the curve of my hips and my geometry.

by Madeline Weiss

Here's the link to "Six Poems" (which includes the one above) on Press Board Press. Cheers.

Also, Beatles.

Godspeed & Goodnight,
C.B. Franz 

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