Thursday, April 18, 2013

Poorly Timed Falls OR The Art Of When To Glance Back & Why.


Bottle Cap 1, 2
Bottle Cap 4.
Dancing around side halls to see you some more.
Wishing I knew you when fire drills
sent me up and down handrails
yours over mine, I thought over time
You'd catch me and I'd bounce right back to the sill.
But the stranger beat me to it
and you bounced back through to someone
who's probably no good for you
*click* *click* I knew it.
Put that ampersand I threw between our names
in the waste basket,
wrap my waist length jean jacket just above your hips
swish swish
Back & forth I stare from the audience
Etchings in a college ruled campus
Back & forth
Hello. How Are You.
Hello? How Are You.
We're fine.
You're damn fine.
and I cringe the for smallest second I know you were
with him. He wasted it.
Tossed it into that waste basket
Be my straightjacket, pull me out of the
room they missed when they padded all the others where she's

Wrapped in blanket in the back of my totalled car.
I thought this '93 Volvo would help me forget who you are.

Skimming books on the art of then, meditation,
clear my head and you cling to the stem
my-dully-obligated heart has to extend
no further than the hem of your dress.
I'd put that arch in your back
Even if you didn't lift the weight off mine. You see
Overall your overalls send me up those beige cracked walls
I've seen you matted against, I've seen us up against.
How I hoped the only thing separating us was that relations, tense,
but it's the fact that in my stifling defense you'll never know who I was
No, not at all.

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