Monday, January 6, 2014

Salt In The Slickers

The Lighthouse Is Not An Overused Symbol

In the middle of the city sat a lighthouse
and atop the light house sat a Captain.
On the body of the light house the Captain painted "I'm fine."
But etched in the glass of the turning light said "Help me."
And the Captain said:
"How much more overt do I have to be?
This isn't even a poem really, the lighthouse & I are extraneous."
But the Captain sat in the lighthouse and watched the light spin on.
One day the Mayor arrived and said:
"Captain, there's no need for a lighthouse in the city.
There are no boats and we have plenty of lights."
And the Captain said:
"I know, it was an artistic choice. The past six lines mean nothing.
They are just an example of the writer jerking himself off on the page."
And the Mayor said:
And the Captain said:
"I know."

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