Saturday, December 24, 2011

An Early Christmas Gift

Merry Christmas everyone!
And Happy Holidays as well! 

Seeing as all my poems are dreadfully depressing I think 
I'll just post a few good songs for some cheer, eh?
It's been a while, quite a while, since I've posted anything and I do apologize for that. No particular reason just no inspiration or motivation, 
that coupled with finals and coming back home everything's been all over the place. 
So enjoy the tuneage!

Now that will just have to do for you good folks, I can't give you ALL the good Christmas songs now can I? You'll have to get off your lazy, lazy butts and get some for yourself but I hope you enjoyed these nonetheless. 
P.s. The albums which these are from might be a good place to start huh? ;)

And to all a good night,
C.B.  Franz

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