Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Son Shines On A Rainy Day, Refractions Seem To Fade Away

Green Fields

The green grass against my toes,
I’m lost but nobody knows
Where I am.
Everyone so happy
Especially her,
I miss her smile
I miss her laugh
Secrets whispered
And knowing laughs
I rhyme words that are
well…the same.
But the ink from the quill
Will spill on these
Proper terms
And suave words,
These end rhymes are quite
But where was I?
Oh her.
She thinks I don’t see
The way she looks at him,
Not at me.
Doesn’t think I hear her,
He’s got something I don’t
But I’ve still got my words,
Though seldom do those work.
Same old story of heartbreak
We relate to
On the radio.
Everyone deals with this
Not just me, in my flannel
My sandals
I’ll keep walking, my back turned
No knows
Not like it’s the first.

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