Tuesday, January 31, 2012

"But C.B. where'd your essay go?" ~ No one

Not too long ago, maybe a month at this point, I posted an essay of sorts that wasn't about anything in particular but about everything in a lot of ways. I called it "A Digression of Everything: An Essay". Well, today I took it off the site because I personally thought it muddied the water of the point of this blog. Though the real point of this blog is to get my writing out there and have a place where I can freely post whatever I want. BUT I DIGRESS.
It's down. I think it clears up the main page. If you'd like to see it shoot me an email and I can send it to you or i'll post it under the poetry page or a separate page...actually....


So there's a new page as of now.
This page will contain all my essays, short stories and stuff like that.
This post took a turn for the productive.


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