Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Since I Last Saw You I Fell Down The Rabbit Hole

Oak Harbor

The ferry sets off
Your on my mind
Oh how I want to go back in time
And sea you.

Oh ill play with words,
My humor hurts
When your laugh is not heard,
Knots away.
Anchor on my heart.

But maritime puns & setting suns
Will bring me no closer to you.
As the dark crashes,
still young and brash
yet full of hope for you
he’s sent me signs,
time & time
that again I’ll see you.

But as my
& flesh
Come together.
One will win, other wither.

They say
All you need is love
But those I give
will loathe 
I’ll  live
another day wanting you.

These subtle hints
Shared moments
Oh why must all this rhyme?
But I digress, I want to impress
The one I cannot have.

Distant love song

Friday morning
Church bells ringing
Rays splinter against
drops against
My shoes.

There’s a love song in the distance
Pulled the strings and played the notes
On my mind
Am I on yours?
Though I am doubtful
The boys keep on singin’
Do you hear the distant chords?
Our hearts are out there
Behind the dust.

I have lost hope, but not my faith
In you there is who I fell for
And I’ve looked and I know ill never find.
In time I wished for a different tune
But the theory is the same.

Snap of a snare.
She’ll never know,


Happy Valentines every one* ! 
*In the terms of how many people see this blog "every one" = a few friends and according to the stats some Ukrainians

Here are two sort of appropriate poems, though a lot of my poems have to do with love...most not positive... Isn't that sweet? But I digress, It's been a while so I hope to post two more tonight and another song. Hopefully I'll be able finish Iron "Lotus" Lung tonight, that one has been taking forever...longer than any other poem I've written but I've had a couple turn of events that have inspired me. Another one I'll post is called "Epitome of Epiphany", and that will be revised through the journey from my notebook to word document....In any case enjoy your day/afternoon/evening/night.


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