Monday, February 27, 2012

Some Titles To Chew On or Foreshadowing The Forthcoming

Here are a few of the titles of poems that are either in progress or are going to be started hopefully within the next month or so. I'm excited for a lot of these, they're going to be good but also rather personal then again most of my poems are (Personal, not good, I'm not that cocky)
I know you all have seen me talk about Iron "Lotus" Lung, it's a doozy and it's taking forever and it's already rather long but I need the inspiration and the proper finishing line. That's always the best feeling when you just know that it's the last line of a poem and you finish. Also here's a photo I took and edited. It's of my shadow, I took while my roommate and good friend as well as another good friend and I were filming around our hometown. The first photo is the edited and below that is the original, I took it with my phone so it ain't that good but I like how it turned out anyway. And if you look you can see the pipe in my mouth, I was dressed as a Sea Captain. Yeah....Video to come within the month.


Stay away from the Mountain

The Summer I Saw A Fox

And the fall that preceded just that.

Shadow Cast By The Lamps

Competence Is My Kryptonite

Strip Poker in The 50’s

Iron "Lotus" Lung

Thomas Paine

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