Monday, February 20, 2012

*I Ain't Afraid Of No Oak.

Pollution II: The Great Barrier Reef 

Cut down these trees,
Their overabundance of oxygen
Is blinding me.
To die drowning.
Might be a gorgeous end.
But not in your commercials
I want no cement grave
I want to be buried among
The fish
And the seaweed
And sunken ships.
Because if I wake up
I’ll just swim back to the top.
But it’s harder to wake
When you’re covered in filth
Muddied water so bright
It’s exhausting
It robs you of that night
But trying to catch up just dumps
And more
And more
And more on top of you.

We see it’s strange,
What I thought was a clear light
To help rid the ugly
Was more trash
But trash that made me happy.
So I thought
“Do I go back to a dumpster,
Just to think it’s the local pool?”
But the question is
Will I be able to still dive in
Remembering what it is.

Hindsight is key in writing
Because the only thing more permanent than pen
(Which isn’t very permanent to begin with)
Are thoughts.
which can be erased rather easily.

Bears a fruit,
Which is sweet
But someone stubborn bites of it
Some covered in trash bites into a piece of fruit.
Think of it like this
When a human is starving
And  really starving, not what we call starving
And they have some food, they vomit.
A broken body isn’t used to the sweet.

A broken body shakes the branch
And cuts the arms on thorns that aren’t even there.
Cause c’mon, who’s afraid of a tree? 

The trouble with poetry 
is that it robs you of a good nights sleep
and you commit to this insomnia before you even accept the writings.
It's a silly thing though.
But here are two poems, but you'll see I lied to posts ago.
There is no Iron "Lotus" Lung yet.
This one is taking some time...Haven't touched it for a while and it won't be 

tonight either. Just be patient, we'll see...
This poem started as just title sitting in my word document where I keep all my other poems finished or not. I wrote the title because I loved it and I knew the rest would come eventually, there are a lot of titles waiting for this as well. Unexpectedly the words came and in a medium I would have never expected, though appreciated.


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