Wednesday, February 22, 2012

*Clown Cars Would Be Most Efficient

Red Wax Lips

They call me “Danger Tom”,
I’m unpredictable they say
I’m dangerous
A loose cannon
On the my Hot Wheels set.

I write love notes on the back of
Animal Cracker boxes
Buried in the mulch,
Not the good stuff
That hardly cut, gives ya splinters kind.
It’s a bitch.

I finger paint on my palms
And put googley eyes
On fake plastic plants.
My mum gives me Adderall
And my dad bad habits.
I put dresses on those
Army men.
And melt their guns with a magnifying glass.

If I’m good
I get a sip
A sip ‘ah So-Dee-Pawp.
And if you takes a fistful ‘o
You get brown.
Robin’s egg is the prettiest. 

I put stickers on my table so my parents won’t take it away.I wrote my name, and they still haven’t today.

This is a first...A poem jump started by a 
random tweet I thought of.
Speaking of which I highly suggest you follow me, or not. It's not particularly interesting.
Though I will start tweet when I post new poems, I realized I have hardly been doing that.
And here's a song by a new found artist who I love now, MIKA.                                                                                       

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