Monday, February 20, 2012

*Charlie Brown Syndrome

Charlie Brown Syndrome

If sundowning is for the elderly,
Psychotic or forgetful
Then explain why it is
When it’s dark
And I’m in my bed
I’m completely mental
I’m psychotic
And forgetful
Sleep is dangerous
Because I never want to get out
Charlie Brown syndrome
I used to disguise his ugly pout.
Check a mailbox
Your relentless flow of nothing
Means more to me than before
I realize
Or if I don’t

People forget me.
I wish we still wrote letters
I can blame a shitty postman
And I can blame a shitty good friend
But it’s hard, cause I really know them.
Simple words.
Simple mind.
Simple me.

It has changed.
We have changed.


I know I’m insane
I know I’ve changed for the worst
So I don’t know if what I’m spouting,
If there’s truth in these words.
Because I know a lot of things have died.
And my mind’s everywhere but condolences
At a funeral.
Because my mind wanders at night
When I die it’s just like my life
Attention whore.
I know these
It’s words like these I can avoid
I won’t be clever,
cause I’m a guy.
So now I’ll be blunt about it all.
It feels like I’ve been forgotten.
That’s mostly all. 

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  1. I wouldn't say you're forgotten, I would say that people just live in the moment. So what really matters is that when you're there they enjoy you. Maybe they never call you or contact you in any way, maybe they never made plans with you, but you had to make the plans, but as long as they are genuinely happy when you're around I think that's all that matters. Some people live more in the "now" than others, and for the people in the "now" they enjoy what's in front of them at the time and just go with the flow. So it's not a thing of forgetting someone, it's that they're not physically there, which is what is important for them.