Sunday, August 5, 2012

No Post On Sundays!

You happy? Because I am.
Yes, I've finally gotten around to changing the design and cleaning some things up around here and catching up on all the pages etc. etc. etc.

It's not the most triumphant return, I really did want to have some new poems for you guys & gals however I haven't written much lately and what I have written is a bit in the rough and not quite ready for posting... plus I didn't really want to write anything for the sake of having new poems because then it's forced and it ain't no good just like my English.
Though I did post a couple new poems and a song just before posting this so things aren't so bad, ya see?

If you're new to the blog then WELCOME! As far you know nothing has changed at all and it's always been like this. You can go on your merry way, galavanting around the pages like a young bull in a candy china shop.

If you're not new than...things are pretty much the same anyway. New look but all the pages and set up is pretty much the same. I tried experimenting with other dynamic views but they were confusing and not user friendly at all.

You might noticed I have deleted some of the posts. If you're wondering where my one little essay on the "Free Arsons" went, I moved it to the 'Other Writing' page and all the songs that were included in that are under the music page. It's all still here so no worries.

In other news; the "Poetry" and "Music" pages are both caught up and are up to date with everything I've written or posted.

In other other news: I would seriously love some feedback on the new design and just the design in general. If the pages or font are hard to read, the pages and set up are all cattywampus, links are working etc. etc. etc. please let me know either in a comment or via twitter or email! (The 'Contact Me' page is also up to date since I have changed my twitter name)

*This is a lot of reading I know but quit whining. You came to poetry and writing blog so...yeah.*

Along the lines of design stuff THE BACKGROUND.
Because I have a very wide screened laptop what I see in the blog and what you see are probably a little bit different. Therefore I would like to know if everything still looks alright on your end. On the background there should be "The House On Ridge Road" text on the left and in the upper right hand corner of the screen is "Writing & Poetry by C.B.".

Please let me know if you can or cannot see these. Now I can't change it for everyone's dimensions but if it's really messed up I'll try and see what I can do.


Seriously, thanks for at least reading this far. You're awesome and thanks for coming to my blog. Please read and be merry. I'll also accept praise along with those criticisms just f.y.i. because I don't want it to be all rain clouds over here.

Thank you muchly. I will be back with more poems and videos hopefully now that everything is sorted out. You're awesome sauce with a cherry on top and as always
                     Here's some shweet music to brighten your night/day:

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