Friday, August 10, 2012

*That'll Do, Ego. That'll Do.


I think I’ll be famous.
Yes, that’ll do quite nicely.
I will much dispensary income.
I dream of being rich, you know.
I want nice things, I want access to nice people.
Pretty people for proper pennies.
Has a nice ring to it.
Yes, that’ll do quite nicely.
I haven’t had much attention lately.
No, not much at all.
I will not tolerate such ridicule.
No, sir.
I think I’ll be famous.
Yes, that’ll do quite nicely.
I want people to understand but think I’m mysterious.
Isn’t that sexy? That’s sexy, I hear.
I’ll write and talk in an accent. Isn’t that sexy?
Pretty people for proper pennies.
I want to lose weight and become a
Pretty person for the proper pennies
And the proper strive
And drive
And ambition
Words that don’t rhyme
Put apply
To the situation.
To be honest
And simple
No that won’t do
That isn’t very sexy, no not at all.
I think I want all the attention
Can you own a spotlight?
I think I want all the attention
I know, but thinking makes you seem like a nicer person
Plus it’s vague and you know how I love that.
That’s sexy, I hear.
Why suffer for my heart when I lie in the lap of luxury?
And forget about my own rules about poetry?
Write lines like essays and write so sloppily.
Day dreaming I’m the best at everything
And loved by everyone
Whilst talking to no one
Because my own doubts are more fun
Than a reality of my vanity
On my vanity is mirror
It’s a vanity
I must suffer for my art.
Because I want to be famous.
and wear nice clothes
And be called a genius
I like nice clothes
Cause then I look nice
Nice neat nice new clothes.
We all must suffer for my art
I must be different so different
Ideally ideals the retreat on opposition
Are best for the position
Of a famous, person yes well liked.
Liked by all the people,
No child left behind
I want people to wish they had a mind like mine.
That’ll do nicely.

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