Sunday, May 5, 2013

How Good Arch Support Can Make For A Bad Evening.

Rubber Necking OR
How Good Arch Support Can Make For A Bad Evening.

So long and say farewell
What were all the people for
whom I've met and forgot?
All the mis-communication for
over which we bickered and fought?
Why longingly stare if it's not to be requited?
Why even bother at all to only be denied it?
Question mark, question mark

Walk along the dinner table
stepping in each meal
Question mark, question mark
How does everyone feel?
My loafers in their mashed potaters
the heel is in the quiche
I threw my Seiko wristwatch on top of the cobbler, peach.
There's gravy on my dress shirt
as tightrope the hors d'oeuvres

Stale cut grass floats from my elbows down to their red wine.
And I hear applause, palm against palm they praise my callousness.
I bow for my audience, slipping on the embroidered table cloth.
I crack my head off the silver candle sticks
and the red wine stains that embroidered table cloth.

Mingus carries me out of the room, into the parlor.
Tweed & elbow pads pour bitters into crystals and talks.
"Quite the performance young man."

So long and say farewell

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