Monday, May 27, 2013

Nice Walkies

Less of a poem and more of a story.
I hope you like it all the same.

It Had To Be Grand

And I sat with my blocks under the shadow,
and the cylinder rolled away, as they often do.
I went to get it (knowing the cubes would be fine on their own)
but the cylinder had rolled out past the edge of this shadow.

And I was scared.
So I left the cylinder,
But my block-castle was incomplete,
having only three towers on the four corners.
And I sat and I thought of ways the castle could be different.
To leave a corner un-towered was out of the question.
A triangle castle, maybe? But then there'd be blocks left over.
And a two tower castle is no more than a wall.

And I was discontent.
But I was still scared.
So I sat & I sat pondering my wooden castle.
Could I make just a house, with a neat wooden roof?
Would simply a tower make due?
No, it would not and I always knew that.
That's why I started a castle, it had to be grand.
"It had to be grand.", I thought again.
"It had to be grand." and I stood up once more just as I had before I'd sat.

And I was scared
And I was discontent
But my block-castle was incomplete.
I walked over to the edge of this shadow
and put out one finger, then two, then five.
Warm felt my hand, and what more I was alive.
It was bright and I held those five fingers above my eyes
And before me, well, well I was quite surprised.

A mountain of blocks, not just cylinders or cubes
but rectangle, pyramids, triangles: acute & obtuse.

This is better I thought, than under that shade.
"With these", I exclaimed "Oh the things that can be made!"
"I'll have a four tower castle, but not simply that.
I'll have dozens of castles three no, twelve times higher than that!"

And I walked out from under the shade, as they often do.
I went off to be grand, (knowing that, I too, would be fine on my own).

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