Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Soda Soda Simple Simple


One day they called and said
“You’re the last man alive.
You’ve got much to do and not so much time.
Please water all the gardens and
feed all the dogs. They’ve gotten quite hungry
since their masters have been gone.
Find all of the bobby pins, put them in a jar
and wind all the clocks, they’re off by an hour.
The stores are all closed, please open them all
and replace all the paper in the bathroom stalls.

The cola’s all flat, please fill it with bubbles.
Next to mow the lawns and when that’s done
wash all the cars and
take all the nickels out of the fountains just for fun.
Visit all the cities, on all the skyscrapers all the windows need washed.
And when you get back collect all the black cats
so there’s no bad luck for anyone.

Pave over the cracks, and push all mirrors into the sea.
While your down there find those sunglasses I lost on a cruise
all the oysters have pearls,
string them up on laces
you’ve pulled out of shoes from the Lost & Found
in tourist-y places.
Next we’ll need you to check all the libraries
for a copy of “Lord Of The Flies”, I have a report due on Monday.
Next week’s my birthday, so I need you to learn cursive
and write all my invitations and then on Tuesday-“

“Just a minute” I said.
“Who is this?”
And I heard a click. 

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