Thursday, November 17, 2011

*Benson Hedges/Opposites at that.

I’m terrified you’ll leave me
and you’re not even here yet.

I’m terrified you’ll leave me
And you’re not even here yet.
I said it again,
I think about it more than once,
It’s a common theme.
It’s almost happened.
A common dream,
See my dreams taunt me,
The give me what I can’t have
And stop me from getting what might be.
It’s a disease a sickness
Narcolepsy at its finest
Fall asleep mind conversation
Mid flirt
Wake up sad
Over a dream,
And a lucid one at that.

I drop names, and memories
Hoping to forget this
The title of this
Screaming sobbing
I babble about uncertainty
And I hate what I know is true
It’s gone
And it’s a dream now.
We shape it.
We taste it and it’s salty.
Like the way her tears taste.
Tough not to quote Panic!
They seem to get things right.

A far thing
A insomniacs fling
With a girl with gorgeous eyes
Stuck in a world of my creation. 

Graveyard Billings
I took a step back.
If this is a ledge calling out
I pray.
They say two or three gathered
But I am one.
So it’s as none,
A robed man ignores the individual.            

Wake up.
Your baptism was lie.
Wake up.
It was just water.
Wake up.
I’m cynical.
Wake up.
You don’t know me.

Listen as your ears bleed
Watch your eyes fall out of your skull
Douse a monk and light a match
Generally surgery forewarnings.
You don’t smoke do you?
And sex? But of course, it’s a natural thing.
Oh no? And drinking? But you’re only 17
You see it’s a mad man’s world
But with a fake ID
It’s allowed
Alcoholically acceptable
and clinically insane.
Drink to get drunk
For the fish it’s to breathe
And the smoke?
For your lungs and eyes for TV

I can guarantee what’s on the other side
Is far more interesting than the concrete.

Refraction of Our Nights

You want to see a city
or that of it’s people?
Stand up on a ledge
Or walk,
2 or 3 am 
With a benson and hedge
Either way you’ll kill yourself slowly.

I don’t want to have a 
A rebirth,
A reckoning everytime I break my heart over a girl. 

It’s lasting,
In a car,
And warm.

That’s it.
These memories.
My words
Their short,
Because they’re….
A refraction of our nights.

That’s where I end up.
2 am.
In a city that sleeps,
While the rest of the world is up
With someone,
If she is,
I don’t ever want to find out.
But I know I might. 

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