Friday, November 11, 2011

Past & Future Slam Together With Regression

R.I.P. Innocence

2 a.m.
A desperate text
A cry for help.
Drowsy & a bit
I grab the flashing screen,
And all at once
The girl I cared for
Scarred for
Now sings the song,
The words I hear,
My stomach turns
My face pale,
But I still long to help her,
My friend
Her love
Betrayal I’d once see
I can see her tears
Miles away
Only wise words,
Wise? Say’s who?
Can I give
I wish it was more,
I miss the ring of
A joy once innocent
It’s gone
She gave that up
To the boy she did adore.

Gate D-2

The flash of tinged lights
LED glow of bad news &
Angry words,
Blankets our faces.
Jets dock and changing clocks
Bags running,
I forgot how stunning
I feel when I’m with you.
Fate’s missed the gate
She’s running late
Bu that’s alright
I’ll hold you tight
And drift away with you.

We’ll stay here,
These cramped chairs
laying next to you.

They called our plane,
We’ll take a train
I’m not moving away from you.

The lights blow out & gates crash
But here I am with you,

The attendant wakes me up
Never will I leave this place

My head in the clouds,
halls rumble loud

Crack my eyes,
light shines bright
My eyes not used to your

I shake you, wake you
You shudder and 
I move your hair
We stare
Where were we even going?

'Ello all, Sorry it's been a while I haven't felt too inspired lately and it's been a weird past couple of weeks. I was having a great day until one thing set me off, figured this next poem was an appropriate for that very reason. It's Veteran's Day, so I'll throw another one having to do with that as well. Have a good one until the next post every one. Four poems in all to make up for my absence.  They're all related in one way or another, and they connect to my day.

I'll have some music for you guys up in a second and I'll update all the pages this afternoon.




Fitting it seems,
Coddling wet stage
an inappropriate place for a real life session
Wet? Rain the why,
And wet gunpowder never flares
But starts the thoughts
Oh trigger.
     The Title.
          Of scores and scores
                   Noble savagery poetry
          Bring forth my pain
Memories, fright
& Blood.
Hate & you & us.
To never pick apart the sun again.
but I lied
          you see.
                   you’re seeing

One for my fallen brother

Drops of rain resound
Check the ground
The lightning cracks and
All is gone.

Split second

The clouds are dark & grey,
My dreams fade away
find the bottle in my belt
Swirl the glass, taste the air
Let it’s drops take my cares

Tip the glass and I breathe in
Taste the wheat & sulfur sin
Sigh of pain & relief,
And a moan breaks the silence.

The amber stirs & hits the ground
Crows hear my thoughts
“This was for my fallen brother,
I pray to god he’ll have another.”

The crimson drips the iron rust,
My coldest fate within my touch.
Pull  the trigger, tilt the glass
This drink, was our last.

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