Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Smoky Lungs.

For  a moment
The noise, the light
Un-spoken words
& lonely beds.

Throw down a thought
And lie in the grass.
Stare into the night
This place is clean, this place is pure
I thought…
I felt secure.

Stars speck the night,
Sleepless planes flight.
But I never wished to make light
The tears of a broken, starry night
I found my solace, but what’s the cause?
Planes fly by, I hear
But these birds I held so dear

I once was lost, I thought I found
My feet aren’t on solid ground

Now the page, too dark to see.
I lost some stars…
The nights are dreary.


Once I said this world’s polluted
Smog  $ greed, Sin’s deadly seed.
But now I hear a calming sound,
My feet freed up from this ground
The earth & I, our last goodbyes
No justice do these silly rhymes.

A sanctuary
The hands will run
through the clouds
My pen writes
But never in time.
Lose our part

Over these stormy seas,
The windmill turns
My heart is free,
Until I find I land again
Waves of pain.

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