Friday, November 11, 2011

You Better Run Faster Than The Storms Or The High Water That Remains

So these 2 solid B-sides I found not too long ago, One iss called "Hell Or High Water" and the other is "Heavier Things Remain" and of course both by Anberlin. They're both awesome tracks, I'll be honest I think these should have been on their latest album Dark Is The Way. Light Is A Place instead of some of the ones on there but oh well, all good regardless. 

Thought I'd start with these because they more appropriately express how I'm feeling right now, you can probably tell that from the poems a I posted a few minutes ago.

Now I'm usually not a Dubstep fan, most remixes are awful, I listen to a little bit of Skrillex or Bassnectar but that's about it. Now there is a time and place for Dubstep and I think this "Song Of Storms" remix by Ephixa is in the right time and place. It's a a really chill, slow track and chock full of nostalgia, take a listen.

Now as I am quite aware we are all probably very sick of remixes and covers of Foster The People's "Pumped Up Kicks" but this is an exception. This cover/remix by Cris Cab is really solid, the song really lends itself to the reggae tones and Cab's voice. This one's my favorite of the week, maybe the month, stumbled upon this yesterday and it's real solid and chill.
Well that's it for me guys & gals, until next post


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