Monday, October 31, 2011

*Complacence brings Inspiration

Cool Glass of Water

A list,
A potential nickel rich.
The miracle kiss,
I’ve seen a long line
A long list
Salt on the ice
Burning lovemakker’s kiss
Maker’s mark,
Short stuff
On their knees and yet a smile
These long words
Because all the tweed
And nice ties
Fine vests & tux
Can’t buy me love
Honey get me flies
So it’s time to try vinegar & lies.

A Warmth

But there’s twist
A turn,
The reverse
A warmth.
It’s not infinite
Not without pain
But it is existent
Step back
And lack, listen.
Hold hands,
There it is.
Among the nutmeg
And the Maker’s mark. 


Where did I go wrong?
Seems sincerity only brings excommunication.

If that be the case then call me Hermit,
only one can hope of a Rose-apple awakening. 

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