Thursday, October 27, 2011

It Happened Again, I Woke Up Today & Everything Changed.

a sound of songs
the last of my thoughts,
it’s singing to me the last of reigning FM tunes,
I want control,
I want a dial
and a thicker yellow pages,
A phone book for the ages.
You see a blackbook ain’t so little
when your legs, open as your heart
and all the pain you bring upon yourself,
your sex is like an art
and though I’ve never sold a masterpiece
I think I know few things,
and just to paint some happy little trees
it’s a thought but not just that, I want a hug, a squeeze.
The thought that from behind me someone cares
and I don’t have to worry
about who I am
or what Im wearing, except for you. A sappy song.
A radio and green grass fields
sad serenades of girl I hoped could feel,
the same and I know it’s only been
one in a thousand
but I’m stuck here in the million and
seems like if I look for just one needle
I’ll prick a finger, and dirty my knees.
Should innocence still be important to me?
It seems nobody’s a virgin cept for me and well mary.

Afternoon everyone,
I don't have much to say but it's been a day or two since I posted so I figured it was about damn time you guys got another poem and hell cause I'm so nice I'll throw another one in here too as well as some music. HAPPY HALLOWEEN.

P.s. Expect a Halloween post :D

The swaying palms of a sulfur paradise

Take a step and watch the break
the last of a long line of false swipes
and coffee breaks.
I’m running out of wit, what I’ve become,
It’s making me sick.
my muse and the hate, 
seem to be inspired by pain
but I already knew this…
but I never wanted to self-inflict
oh my muse where are you?
I miss you?
Make my heart and mind
A spiritual right again.
There’s a lost boy
on the top of a roof and he’s going to jump.
But I can’t save him, I just have to write…
I have to write about him.
Have I scared away all who will catch a fall?  
with a heart of the slip of a step
and a Freudian yell will never bring the back.
If anything I’m just digging my grave,
if anything I’m looking for praise
on a sinking ship of my own masterpiece design
it’s driving me to sink and swim a life of nonexistent whim
wishing, wanting and a wet dream of lost life, love?
It’s such a commonplace call and I never wanted it to collect like this
you see my clever thoughts are like this
Its just a round and a round and around
that s all there is to feel, a wind that shakes the window pane…
it’s like a bad memory, a mercenary with the last of my regrets…
But it’s on the highest floor?
So I guess I want to be the boy now,
to stop the personifying and become an ex persona.
A distraction from a line of loss and libertines,
I wish I could hold on to the last
The last of this life and long road since but the pavement is cracked
I’ve lost your tip.
So take a road so traveled it’s a cliché, with a twist,
I’m tired of all these fake loving sinner’s bullshit
I don’t know if hell is my possibility but if I can,
I might retire there early. 

Mother Mother
"Chasing It Down"

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