Saturday, October 29, 2011

Ooo Oo.

Organization Is For The Sane

You’ll learn I lose a lot of things
One of those being my mind,
But don’t worry, I mean I don’t, this happens all the time
Which I forget also, one being time and the fact of forgetfulness
I should get a filing cabinet
But I’ll leave the cabinet to my president,
And armoire for me,
And some filing for my secretary.

I lost my darker pen
So red will have to do
I’ll write these lines,
and wish for times
I didn’t write for you.
But that’s not true
All it was was for you, her, she
It’s a reoccurring theme.
But now I write of deeper things,
And I’ve unstitched my heart from my sleeve
But you can’t put it in a folder or such
You see,
I lost my mind for you.
But now,
I lose it for me.

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