Thursday, October 20, 2011

Good Evening Ladies & Gentlemen.

Ashes In The Wind

The Never-ending Ink,
Gashes the paper, leaving grooves of
Angry words, emotions etched into the paper
Heart ready to break,
The pen stabbing slashing
Un-ending siege of internal conflict and written
Crackling, Crinkling 
Fills the winter air,
As the silence screams, yet there is
No resonance of the written.
Delicate, light as air
Ink still visible,
Darkened hands liberate
The ashes in the wind. 

I couldn't think of anything clever to start off with so I decided to start with a poem,
oddly enough you think that would be obvious for this blog since it's based around poetry and writing but I'm a bit thick.

On that note, Welcome to The House On Ridge Road.

This is where I'll be posting alot of my poetry, I'll try and make it one poem a day but I'm a very inconsistent person, along with poems will be other short stories, videos, music suggestions, and maybe some of my own music and art, my own musings and thoughts of course.

That's the basic gist of it, check out the "About We." page ----------------->
to really get a good explanation.

The poem above is the first poem I've ever written and seemed fitting for the "first" post.
I put first in quotes for the very apparent reason that it is obviously not my first post, this used to be a blog I made for a creative writing class in school but i've thus changed it to try and get my writing out there so you will notice a few more poems earlier on. I've removed some of the earlier
school related posts to keep it clean but I left these to give you a good taste of my writing style and a little more to chew on than just one poem and some wordy explaining.

This is my blog.
*shudder* I don't like the word blog.
I must come up with another more appropriate word,
But until then

C.B. Franz

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